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Pet Life

Pet Life® 'Hydritate' Anti-Puddle Cat and Dog Drinking Water Bowl

Pet Life® 'Hydritate' Anti-Puddle Cat and Dog Drinking Water Bowl

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The Pet Life® 'Hydritate' Anti-Puddle Cat and Dog Drinking Water Bowl features an inner lightly weighted Splash-Guard inside that floats to the surface of the water while allowing some water to pass through that is designed to completely eliminate water spills while drinking.

Features a Modern shape that is also transparent and looks great in any home or office setting. The Floating Splash-Guard is made of Silicone that further absorbs splashing noises and is further removable making it suitable as a Food Bowl while making it convenient to clean by hand or place inside a Dishwasher. Features Rubberized Traction Grips along the bottom for added stability. Can withstand high levels of turbulence or movement without spilling whether on a plane or in a car. Available in Multiple Colors.

9.8 X 9.8 X 3.6

  • Features an Innovative Floating Splash Guard that raises upward as water Levels deplete preventing splashing and water messes. Perfect when used in a Car or while Traveling!
  • Features a Built-in Silicone Splash Guard Protector that further prevents water spills
  • Assembles and Disassembles in a matter or Seconds, Making it easy to Clean
  • Features bottom Rubberized Traction-Proof Grips and a Modern Semi-Transparent Design, looks great in any setting.

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